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March 4-5 2024

Tel Aviv

See you next year

About the Event 

Reversim Summit 2024 (RS24) is a community driven event in Israel for software developers, product managers, data scientists and everyone else in the software industry. With an enthusiastic team of volunteers we've been creating a content-first software conferences since 2013 and successfully leading the market. Reversim Summit (RS) is not for profit and its sole purpose is to enrich the community with content and networking. We are grateful to have such an excellent top of the industry team of volunteer moderators and event organizers.

Web App Shortcut

Add our web app shortcut to your home screen. This will let you select favorite sessions and see what is currently happening in the conference. To install it scan the QR code below with your mobile phone. If you are viewing the website from your phone, just click on the QR code image.  The website opened has a button allow you add itself to your home screen. On iOS you will need to be opening the link in safari if you want to add it to your home screen.

Our Sponsors

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