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"At Outbrain we have two office rules: First: No Drama. Second: No Excuses. Those two are the essence of our culture as a “Getting things done” company and the DNA we are looking for at our people."

Daphna Michaeli - Chief of People

"Engineering In Outbrain, means driving our business while setting high standards for quality and professionalism. Around 20% of our engineering time is dedicated to reducing tech debt and improving velocity. At Outbrain, you'll work with a team that will always present you with interesting challenges, push your expertise, and motivate you to grow. Imagine how much data, AI, applications and APIs are needed to make it work at scale, and you'll get a sense of the interesting challenges we face every day."

Ori Lahav - Co-Founder GM-ISRAEL

Who Are we     

Our Technology Stack     


Outbrain is a leading technology platform that drives business results by engaging people across the open internet.  utbrain predicts moments of engagement to drive measurable outcomes for advertisers and publishers using AI and machine learning across more than 7,000 online properties globally.  

Outbrain impacts what would be the next click of one-third of online consumers  while creating business value for our clients.

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