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“Although the tasks are very clear in their purpose and framework, I am free to explore and come up with my own creative solutions.”

Tal Laron - Data Science Team Lead

“Riskified grew a lot during my time here, introducing new products and adopting new technologies, and I think it'll continue in the future. It's fun to be a part of our development team as it grows and gets stronger”

Aline Guisky - Dev Team Lead

“I really like the energy, the innovation, and the engagement with relatively new technologies in terms of the market. It requires my team to demonstrate research and leadership skills, a deep understanding of the technology, and a ton of creativity to figure out how to integrate it.”

Lior Winner - Data Streams Team Lead

Who Are we     

Our Technology Stack     


Riskified empowers businesses to unleash ecommerce growth by taking risk off the table. Many of the world’s biggest brands and publicly traded companies selling online rely on Riskified for guaranteed protection against chargebacks, to fight fraud and policy abuse at scale, and to improve customer retention. At Riskified Tech, our passion lies in the realms of data, scale, performance engineering, high availability, robust distributed architecture, and clean code. Fueled by a commitment to innovation, we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Node.js, React, Scala, Kafka, Snowflake, Databricks, Kubernetes, and Airflow. We aim for a DevOps culture, where each team has end-to-end ownership of their product, with a can-do and collaborative mindset. Our data-driven approach utilizes machine-learning algorithms and behavioral analytics to identify legitimate customers and deliver unparalleled value to our users. We foster a culture of continuous learning, technical mastery, and personal growth, which you can explore further in our Tech Blog and Meetup group.

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