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CloudInfra DevOps Engineer


Senior Netops Engineer


At Outbrain we have two office rules: First: No Drama. Second: No Excuses. Those two are the essence of our culture as a “Getting things done” company and the DNA we are looking for at our people.

— Daphna Michaeli, Chief of People

Engineering in Outbrain is supporting the Outbrain’s business growth with the most impactful product developments. We do it by being fast to experiment ideas, enabling impact at scale and demonstrating tech excellence.

Ori Lahav, Co-Founder & CTO

Who Are we     

Our Technology Stack     


Outbrain is a leading recommendation platform for the open web. Our technology enables one-third of the world’s online consumers to discover new things through recommendation feeds.  

Outbrain’s recommendation platform currently serves over 340 billion content recommendations a month and reaches over a billion unique users worldwide with customized content recommendations. The platform partners with leading websites all over the world and in Israel, including CNN, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Le Monde and many more. Outbrain was established in 2006 and operates from headquarters in New York and a network of global offices, including the UK, France, Israel, Australia, Singapore, and Japan. The company’s development and engineering center is located in Israel.

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