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Technical Product Manager - CML Infrastructure


Software Engineer II


Machine Learning Engineer II - Content Intelligence team


Machine Learning Engineer II - Personalization


Senior Software Engineer I


I enjoy the freedom to innovate and directly influence the path of our product, experimenting with new technologies and defining our technical vision. Also, the Hybrid Way of Working allows me to live in the suburbs of Tel Aviv and work in the city. It helps me balance my life between family and work.

Chen Harari, Engineering Manager

Booking is an amazing place to work at! It combines working on both an interesting and fun product, offers significant career progression, the chance to learn new things every day, and the opportunity to work with talented and lovely people. Additionally, we have colleagues from other countries, providing us with the opportunity to travel the world and meet them. I love tech and traveling, and Booking is the perfect place to do those things together.

Geffen Menchik, Software Developer

Booking is a perfect place that allows to balance between great career progression and time with my family. The hybrid office setup enables to collaborate efficiently and at the same time keep up with work from home. It is amazing to have the opportunity to balance between international trips meeting with colleagues across the world, while also receiving the opportunity to take a 5-month parental leave and focus on my family.

Dima Goldenberg, Senior ML Manager

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Home to top talent in our Machine Learning Centre and engineering, the Tel Aviv teams tackle problems across multiple domains, including recommendation systems, computer vision, natural language understanding, reinforcement learning and more. With meetups, conferences, competitions and numerous academic publications, the Tel Aviv office has worked hard to create a welcoming and supportive community who are unified in their strive for excellence.

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