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Senior Backend Engineer

Tel Aviv

Senior Data Engineer

Tel Aviv

Senior ML Engineer

Tel Aviv

Senior Frontend Engineer

Tel Aviv

Senior Devops Engineer

Tel Aviv

“My two passions are open source and education. As part of my roadmap, I am fortunate to be leading an initiative at Tikal in collaboration with Ta’asieda, teaching high-school students. This gives me a lot of satisfaction, aside from my day to day work. I also have dedicated time for exploring new open source libraries which I can then share with the frontend group.”

David Levy - Fullstack Tech Lead

“I joined Tikal in a transitional period in my career, when I realized that the traditional format doesn't allow me to advance professionally. I was looking for a place that would really take me forward, empower me and allow me to shine. A place where learning, technology, professional development and knowledge sharing are at the heart of the matter. These are top priorities at Tikal, and I have a lot of freedom of action to take it anywhere I want.”

Stav Barak, Senior Frontend Engineer

“Working at Tikal gives me a macro view of the market instead of micro.
Consulting for clients, coding on different projects, personal development roadmap and group roadmaps helps me stay professional and up to date with the latest and most demanding technologies required for today's developers and tech leaders.”

Asaf Varon, Mobile Architect

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Tikal is a hands-on tech consulting company. Our people are experienced developers and technologically-minded who like to be hands-on and are in the worlds of DevOps, Frontend, Backend & Machine Learning and Mobile Each employee has a roadmap whose goal is to focus on professional and personal development as part of a career journey to become a Tech Lead. The practical part of the roadmap is transiting between assignments with different customers in the more challenging stages of development - development from Scratch, replacing technologies, introducing new technologies, solving complex problems, etc. The other part is the involvement in Tikal by sharing knowledge in group meetings, lectures, workshops, training, mentoring others and also influencing Tikal and the industry through the Israeli Tech Radar. The harmony in Tikal is the combination of the personal roadmap and the assignments along with the personal time and home. To be a Tikalist is to develop yourself without compromising the path, to be in motion, but without feeling uncertainty. Actually it’s the freedom to develop yourself.

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