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Fullstack Developer


Backend Engineer


Backend Team Leader


Site Reliability Engineer - Ecom


Frontend Team Leader


Wix truly shaped me as an engineer. I started as a Junior developer 6 years ago, and navigated through diverse roles in dev and management. Working on impactful products with cutting-edge tech and exceptional colleagues, provided a space for me to grow professionally & personally.

Tal Bebchuk, FED Guild Manager & Infrastructure Team Lead

Wix’s engineering culture is incredible. The development experience and velocity are constantly improving. We have over 200M users that enjoy our products and APIs while we keep innovating them behind the scenes by leveraging creative initiatives that make a true impact on the product.

Nir Orman, R&D Manager

At Wix there are always new challenges to solve. After TDD and microservices we took platform engineering (including within the code itself!!!) and dev happiness to unimaginable heights. Can’t wait to see what we’ll solve (with AI) in the next decade...

Ittai Zeidman, Backend guild CTO

Who Are we     

Our Technology Stack     


Wix makes it possible for anyone to succeed online.   Since 2006, we've grown to 5,000 employees in 17 countries, launched over 40 products, and serve over 230 million users and their visitors worldwide.   At Wix, we push you to innovate, evolve in non-traditional ways, and grow outside your comfort zone. We operate in small teams that work closely together to create incredible things.   Although we're already industry leaders in web creation and business, our work is nowhere near done.  Our goal is to become the main engine of the Internet so we can create a more open web for all.

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